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We’re Chorus, a ZoomInfo Company (NASDAQ: ZI)

Chorus exists to understand and enhance human communication.

ZoomInfo + Chorus

About Chorus is the No.1 Conversation Intelligence Platform for high-growth sales teams. Founded in 2015,’s Conversation Intelligence Platform identifies and helps teams replicate the performance of top-performing reps by analyzing their sales meetings. These insights serve as the foundation of an effective coaching strategy for sales and customer success teams and provide insight into the voice-of-the-customer across the entire organization.

About ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo (NASDAQ: ZI) is a Go-To-Market Intelligence Solution for more than 20,000 companies worldwide. The ZoomInfo platform empowers business-to-business sales, marketing, and recruiting professionals to hit their number by pairing best-in-class technology with unrivaled data coverage, accuracy, and depth of company and contact information. With integrations embedded into workflows and technology stacks, including the leading CRM, Sales Engagement, Marketing Automation, and Talent Management applications, ZoomInfo drives more predictable, accelerated, and sustainable growth for its customers. ZoomInfo emphasizes GDPR and CCPA compliance. In addition to creating the industry’s first proactive notice program, the company is a registered data broker with the states of California and Vermont. Read about ZoomInfo’s commitment to compliance, privacy, and security. For more information about our leading Go-To-Market Intelligence Solution, and how it helps sales, marketing, and recruiting professionals, please visit

Backed by ZoomInfo, we will accelerate our investments in the future of conversation intelligence while also building toward a shared vision for a modern go-to-market platform - where our collective data and insights will power intelligent workflows and automated engagement for go-to-market teams everywhere.

Chorus will continue to be the place to learn what makes conversations and communication effective, and bring that collective learning to everyone in an organization.

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