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Call recording smart trackers DESKTOP mp4 101350
Call recording smart trackers DESKTOP mp4 101350

Self-Learning System

Chorus' patented self-learning system learns the language of your business and sales process without any human interaction needed. Unsupervised learning allows the system to get smarter with every call you add. It will identify patterns and themes within conversations and highlight important moments automatically.

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Industry-First Same Room Speaker Separation

Chorus developed its patented speaker separation in-house—which means you get real-time, high-quality transcription that can be customized to identify topics that aren't found in general conversation like competitor names. Chorus' proprietary technology can identify multiple speakers in the same room, ensuring you get accurate insights.

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Proactive Recommendations

Our patented recommendation engine detects risk language and rep improvement opportunities. We proactively provide Sales and Enablement Managers alerts with coaching and deal recommendations so they can focus their time where it matters most.

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Smart Playlists

Our patented Smart Playlists add fresh calls to playlists based on criteria you've chosen like deal stage or keyword mentions. Staying on top of topics like pricing discussions or "best-of" calls for onboarding has never been easier.

The State of Conversation Intelligence Sales Benchmarks Q4 2020

We analyzed over 35M sales calls in Chorus to bring Revenue Leaders like you the data behind the conversations. Explore trends that drive top sales teams.

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