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Connect Conversation Intelligence to your everyday platforms

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Our Connected CI Philosophy

Connected CI is a philosophy engrained in Chorus. We want to empower you to bring performance, revenue, and market intelligence to the platforms and systems your teams are already using today. Maximize your tech stack and minimize disruption, all while deriving actionable insights from Conversation Intelligence provided by Chorus.

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Tap into the Voice of the Customer

Access Conversation Intelligence insights from anywhere. Stay connected to the insights that matter most to your organization by bringing the Voice of the Customer to every team and every decision.

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Surface Actionable Insights

Make better strategic decisions and pinpoint exactly what interactions impact deal progression. Uncover areas of opportunities and deeply understand how conversations translate to value to help build a repeatable formula for your team.

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Put the “R” Back in Your CRM

Keep your forecasts and reporting within the tools you and your teams already use daily. Now you can access all relevant relationship intelligence gathered through Chorus, directly within your Salesforce instance.

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Make the Most of Your Time

Manage your teams at scale with ease. Export relevant data and import historical recordings in minutes.

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It’s Your Data. Use it How You Want.

Every business is unique. Make the most of your requirements by building automated workflows that suit your team’s needs.

Connect Your Systems Today

Salesforce Integration

Put the “R” back in your CRM with complete and unbiased data. Access the full relationship context with the entire conversation history, quickly understand how engagement activity correlates to deal outcomes that move your pipeline forward and reveal deal risks to help eliminate roadblocks for your team.

Zapier Integration

Easily integrate CI data across your org with Zapier workflows. Set up automatic alerts to gain proactive insights that tell you when something is ripe for action.

Slack Integration

Share the Voice of the Customer, instantly, right from Chorus to Slack and drastically improve your cross-functional collaboration.

What Customers Are Saying

“Having Chorus data pushed into our everyday Mode dashboards gives us one source of truth to what’s happening in each account, and enables us to report on data in ways that just weren’t possible before. We’re able to bring the Voice of the Customer back to our entire organization. It’s been a game-changer.”

Lizz Harrell, VP of Customer Success at Mode.

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