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Deliver Brilliant Customer Experiences

Build stronger, more predictable relationships with Conversation Intelligence.

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Uplevel Your Team's Skills

Self-coaching, peer coaching, and manager-rep coaching are all supported in Chorus. Features like scorecards, playlists, and flexible account settings give you all the freedom you need to support your skill development initiatives.

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Onboard New Team Members Faster

Help new Customer Success members quickly get up to speed on your product, use cases, and key customer journey touchpoints through playlists. Stop relying on shadowing live calls and let your team learn from a library of your best calls and moments.

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Protect and Grow Your Customer Accounts

Receive AI-enabled early warning signals for renewals, churn risk, or expansions. Use trackers and automatic alerts to stay on top of conversations and leading indicators that will help you protect and grow your accounts.

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Provide a Seamless Customer Journey

Improve handoff processes to your Customer Success team with instant access to all pre-sales calls. Ensure tight alignment across Sales and CS, and lighten the burden on your team. Be fully prepared for your customer's onboarding and deliver world class customer experiences, every single time.

Bring Your Customer's Voice to Life

Chorus can help you share customer input seamlessly with your entire organization. Whether you're gathering customer input on desired features and product feedback or sharing customer stories with your Marketing team, simply tag team members or share call snippets so they get first-hand input from the market.

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Enable Seamless Collaboration

Respond to customer support requests faster by sharing call snippets or tagging colleagues from Solutions Engineering, Product, and Sales to collaborate on the solution. Reduce support touches and develop a shared understanding of the issue to delight your customers.

Fix Your Rollercoaster Handoff Process

Learn the five best practices that create a smooth BDR to AE to CSM transition.

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