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Elevate: Conversation Intelligence

ZoomInfo + joined forces to bring you Elevate: Conversation Intelligence. This content features conversation intelligence thought leaders, industry experts, and analysts.

Enjoy these thought-provoking presentations packed with actionable insights for sales leaders and individual reps alike.

Check out our Expert Series, a series of on-demand sessions that will showcase the value of Conversation Intelligence on a seller's day-to-day success. Frontline managers, Sales, and Customer Success leaders will share their real-life tips and tricks and you will walk away with tangible tips on how to best leverage at your company.

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Creating the Future of Selling

The discipline of sales has evolved rapidly over the past decade, and many more changes lie ahead. With the recent acquisition of, ZoomInfo has planted a flag that they will lead the way in determining the future of selling.

In this keynote address, ZoomInfo Founder and CEO Henry Schuck discuss how Conversation Intelligence has evolved from a nice-to-have to an essential component of every sales org’s tech stack. Henry also explains how the combination of Chorus + ZoomInfo is a crucial foundation for revenue leaders looking to build a future-forward sales team.

The New Superpower For Winning More Deals

In this session, ZoomInfo Chief Product Officer Hila Nir and Chorus VP of Product Management Dominik Facher showcase the breakthrough functionality that unites Chorus’ industry-leading Conversation Intelligence with ZoomInfo’s powerful data set. This brand new experience provides an unprecedented level of understanding into every layer of your team’s deals—key moments from every call, which members of the org are essential to multithread, and more.

Sales Performance: Coaching Outside the Numbers

How do you ensure that you, and your Team are performing at your maximum potential? With this ‘new normal’ sales environment causing major disruptions across the board, now more than ever, it is vital to work and provide support towards holistic excellence.

To assist with this unprecedented change faced by today’s sales professionals and leaders, this session is geared to be thought-provoking around your 'True North', while also providing insights and a playbook for personal and professional excellence. Are you ready to #maxout your potential?

You will walk away with:

  • A feeling of CONFIDENCE, READINESS and PURPOSE to embrace this ‘new normal’ sales environment
  • EMPOWERMENT and PRIDE in self to achieve excellence in all aspects of life (holistic perspective)
  • A clearer UNDERSTANDING of your ‘North Star’ and guiding principals

Welcome to Sales Tech Mayhem

By 2025, 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur in digital channels. ZoomInfo’s acquisition of Chorus was just one more indication that the world of sales tech is moving faster than ever.

In this panel, Craig Rosenberg, VP Analyst at Gartner Research, Mike Granieri, Former EVP of Go-to-Market at Classy, and Jim Benton discuss what the acquisition means for the larger market, and what sales leaders need to know when evaluating vendors to build a future-ready tech stack.

Unlocking an Unprecedented Era of Selling

Selling over the past eighteen months introduced a host of unique challenges and opportunities. As revenue organizations evolved, it became clear that survival was often found by listening to the voice of the customer.

With last year’s challenges in the rearview mirror, we invited this accomplished panel of sales leaders to discuss the experiences that led them to focus more on customer relationships, and how Conversation Intelligence has become essential for selling in the new world.

3 Sales Stats You Should Know, But Probably Don’t

Analyzing over 40 million sales calls can result in some pretty surprising insights. In this breakout session, Randy DeHaan, Director of Sales at Chorus walka through three unexpected stats that we discovered from aggregated Chorus data. And these insights aren’t just academic—acting on them can increase your team’s win rate by as much as 38%! They include:

  • How to get the attention of a CXO who surprisingly joins a sales call
  • Why the two topics reps are most nervous to discuss can actually mean a higher chance of winning a deal
  • The most important executive title to include on your meeting invites

5 Reasons Your Deal Reviews Are Failing

Effective deal reviews are critical to forecasting accurately and meeting sales targets. But sometimes it can feel like they are simply a waste of time.

Themed around comic book villains, Nicole LaBarbera, Senior Manager of Sales at Chorus walks through the five most common obstacles stopping your deal reviews from being productive, and how to overcome them.

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