Get First-Hand Access to the Voice of the Customer

Create impactful, data-driven marketing campaigns based on real customer insights.

Speak Their Language

Align marketing copy from your website, emails, and ad campaigns to how prospects and customers describe their own pain points. Know why and how they first engaged with you so you can adjust your campaigns to drive more leads.

Track and Beat Your Competition

Get invaluable market intelligence to understand where your competitors win and where you have an edge. Discover which competitors come up most often, when they come up, and why. Create compelling product offerings and impactful messaging to win.

Marketing improve colateral 2x

Assess the Value and Impact of Your Collateral

Spend your time and budget developing assets your teams and customers need. Use Chorus to track the effectiveness of your collateral in the real world and ensure reps are using them the right way.

Marketing optimize investments 2x

Optimize Marketing Investments

Train your SDRs and Account Executives to ask new prospects how they learned about your company and product. Build a detailed understanding of top-of-funnel behavior and align your marketing investments to focus on high-value awareness and lead generation channels.

Call recording snippets 6 22 20 2x

Leverage Customer Advocates

Know which customers are strong and vocal advocates of your product to proactively seek introductions from your sales or customer success team. Use snippets from meetings to record feedback and produce testimonials.

The State of Conversation Intelligence Sales Benchmarks Q4 2020

We analyzed over 35M sales calls in Chorus to bring Revenue Leaders like you the data behind the conversations. Explore trends that drive top sales teams.

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