Measure Team Performance

Don't Leave Revenue on the Table

Gain actionable insights from your sales conversations.

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Get Granular Insights

Analyze trends for any conversation topic, be it pricing, product features, objection handling, or competitors. Chorus exclusively provides analytics that tie these conversation metrics to impact. View trends as a snapshot in time, trend over time, impact on deal stage, or impact on won vs. lost deals.

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Identify Winning Talk Tracks

Chorus automatically identifies patterns distinguishing top vs. bottom reps via our patented Talk Track Dashboard. See the talk tracks that top reps use more than others to influence curriculum and coaching.

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Help Reps Have More Impactful Conversations

Enable your reps to have better conversations by giving them actionable insights into how they can improve. Are they using too many filler words or talking too much? Quickly hone in on areas of improvement to have more impactful conversations, every time.

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Identify Areas for Skill Development

Level up your team's skills and enable self-coaching through our out-of-the-box analytics dashboards. Quickly see if reps are asking enough engaging question, setting next steps, multi-threading their deals, or mentioning the latest products.

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Measure Team Activity

Know at a glance if your team is on track to hit their goals. Chorus automatically measures how many meetings they’re having, how many accounts they are actively working, and more.

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Keep A Pulse on Competitors

Track competitor mentions over time to identify short-term impacts on deal outcomes and long-term impacts on market dynamics.

How to Implement a Coaching Culture in Your Sales Team

Companies that invest in Sales Coaching generate 16.7% greater annual revenue. Discover what you can do to improve your coaching strategy.

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