Onboarding & Skill Development

Track Quantifiable Improvements

Drive change on the front line to improve win rates and reduce ramp time.

Coaching launch multiple initiatives 2x

Launch Coaching Initiatives by Teams

Set up and customize Chorus Coaching Initiatives to meet your specific sales methodology or coaching needs. There's no limit to the number of questions or assessment areas, so you can create the perfect program for each team.

Coaching opportunities DESKTOP b
Coaching opportunities DESKTOP b

Get Automatic Recommendations on Coachable Moments

Don't waste time searching for which calls need feedback and coaching. Chorus Recommendations proactively surfaces coaching opportunities so you can focus where it matters most. Enablement gets reporting to track coaching behavior so they can encourage and support the managers who need help.

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Provide Actionable Advice to Reps

Rate rep performance and leave personalized feedback with scorecards. Your feedback helps reps work on their low-scoring areas. Chorus will provide recommended high-scoring calls to review so reps learn from their peers.

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Measure the Impact of Your Enablement Programs

Track how team scores improve over time and establish the value of sales enablement, training, and coaching using real metrics. Find areas of improvement for the team through low-scoring areas that get surfaced automatically in Chorus.

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Ramp Reps to Productivity Faster

Reduce ramp times through a curated library of your best calls for virtual shadowing. From cold calls to negotiation, new team members learn from the best examples of great customer interactions. Ensure your library is always up-to-date through Smart Playlists, our patented technology that automatically adds new calls to your playlists when they meet criteria you set.

How to Implement a Coaching Culture in Your Sales Team

Companies that invest in Sales Coaching generate 16.7% greater annual revenue. Discover what you can do to improve your coaching strategy.

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