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Capture and analyze every call, meeting, and email. With ZoomInfo and Chorus, reps crush quotas, managers coach like pros, leaders make informed decisions, and everyone hits their number.

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Features & Functionality

Unlimited call recordings and transcriptions

Within minutes after ending your call, access the recording, transcription, and conversation metrics in Chorus.

Contextual trackers

Access the moments that matter most with AI-based trackers that automatically surface key topics such as next steps, pricing, or common objections.

Proactive coaching recommendations

Automatically get coaching opportunities from sales calls delivered to your inbox.

Deal Intelligence

Forecast confidently with complete visibility into the relationships and insights that help push sales pipeline into closed business.

Relationship Intelligence

Aggregate and sync every contact and customer interaction from your systems of engagement directly to your CRM and other systems of record.

Analytics and Reporting

Use 20+ out-of-the-box reports to allow for easier reporting or leverage custom objects to combine conversation metrics with your Salesforce reporting.

Your Secret Weapon for Higher Quota Attainment

30%–50% Gains in Quota Attainment

50%+ Improvement in Win Rate

10%-20% Reduction in Deal Cycle

50% Faster Ramp of New Sales Hires

Recognized Leader in Conversation & Revenue Intelligence

Top Rated Sales Enablement

Sales Coaching

Call Recording

Conversation Intelligence

We're Honored to Have Happy Customers
Andrew lyons 2x
Andrew Lyons Customer Success Manager MongoDB
Aug 04 2019
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Chorus quickly turned into a crucial tool to review and pull insights out of our customer calls. I use Chorus to review, share, and enhance my conversations with my customers.
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Verne S Strategic Accounts Energage
Nov 09 2021
I love being able to go back and listen to my previous calls and learn how I could have shared information better. It is also vital in the hand-off from new business to account management to ensure customer expectations are met.
JJ Ferroni Vice President of Sales & Success Guru
Aug 12 2021
We use Chorus for call coaching, which is really helpful in today's remote environment. We've also looked at their scorecarding functionality for the same purpose. We share snippets across the various teams. Send snippets to marketing when discussing competitors, send them to product when feedback or enhancements pop up, send them over to engineering when product issues arise. Super helpful sharing the voice of the prospect/customer across the company.
F5 VQD775 MJ5 A
Keely Sullivan Senior Director of Enablement
Jan 21 2022
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I honestly can't think of a team that could not benefit from observing calls with direct clients or prospects. It provides an amazing opportunity to learn, reflect and improve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get to know Chorus by ZoomInfo a little better. If you have more questions, contact us here.

  • What is Conversation Intelligence?

    Conversation Intelligence analyzes speech or text to derive data-driven insights from conversations between go-to-market teams and customers and prospects. In short, it surfaces insights that shine a light on a previously dark part of the sales funnel – prospect and customer conversations. Continue learning on our blog.

  • Do existing ZoomInfo customers get special pricing and bundles?

    That they do! You can request special pricing at the top of this page.

  • How long does Chorus keep call records?

    All calls in Chorus will be kept forever – even if a user is deactivated. The only way a call gets removed is if the recording owner (or Admin) manually deletes it, or if your Admin has enabled the automatic deletion of recordings more than 180 days old.

  • Does Chorus have a storage limit?

    The limit does not exist! Chorus has unlimited storage – you can have as many recordings as you like.

  • We need to add new users to Chorus. How will that be billed?

    It's easy to add new team members to Chorus. Just email us at or reach out directly to your customer success manager and we will set you up right away.

  • Can I get a free trial?

    Yep. We've made it easy for you, and your team, to try Chorus. Request a demo above and we'll call you back in a few minutes.

  • Are conversations kept secure?

    At Chorus, we take security very seriously. Customer conversations are one of the most valuable assets for a business and need to be treated with utmost care. We are SOC2, GDPR, and Privacy Shield compliant. To learn more about how we protect your data, please visit

  • Can I remove Chorus from certain calls?

    You can easily enable or remove Chorus call recording from your meetings, allowing you to be in full control of your privacy.

Buyers Guide LP page

Still looking for more?

The Conversation Intelligence Buyer’s Guide has everything you need to select the right CI platform.

This guide will give you:

  • Deeper understanding of revenue streams and the ROI of Conversation Intelligence
  • A cheatsheet of the top features and functionality you need to look for in a leading CI platform
  • An action plan for determining your organization's CI readiness

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