Sales Enablement

Replicate Winning Behaviors

Build, deliver, and measure enablement programs to create consistent, winning behaviors.

Sales enablement curriculum 2x

Ramp Reps to Productivity Faster

Curate a library of your best calls for virtual call shadowing. Set up Smart Playlists to automatically add new calls that meet your criteria to your library so it's always up to date.

Prove the ROI of Your Enablement Programs

Easily implement multiple enablement initiatives, each with its own custom scorecard. Managers score calls and add personalized feedback. Reps learn from their manager's feedback and peer's higher scored calls. Measure team improvements over time.

Analytics identify skill development 2x

Identify Skill Gaps at Scale

Prioritize your training curriculum based on insights from real customer calls. See the impact of conversation and sales skills on sales stage conversions and win rates so you know where to focus your efforts to make the biggest impact.

Sales enablement track training 2x

Track Training Adoption

Set up trackers for things you train the team on: competitive positioning, upsell features, customer stories, and more. Our AI automatically identifies these mentions and alerts you. Check if reps are responding to enablement sessions and content.

Sales enablement measure adoption 2x

Measure Sales Process Adoption

Build a view of your own or your team’s meetings. Get visibility into conversations so you can inspect if your reps are following sales process and methodology.

Sales reps deals from anywhere 2x

Coach Anytime, Anywhere

Chorus Mobile helps you listen to playlists of important calls, comment on coachable moments, and get others to help your reps—all from the dentist’s office or during your commute back home.

A Kick-Ass Coaching Culture: Dispelling Myths & Adopting Best Practices

See how Chorus and Lessonly created a flywheel coaching program for Reflektive.

Resources kick ass coaching circle 2x

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