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Never Take Notes Again

We'll do the heavy lifting for you. Chorus records, transcribes, and analyzes your meetings, so you are free to focus on your customer instead of taking notes. A summary is automatically pushed to your CRM. Our patented speaker separation differentiates between speakers in the same room so you know what each stakeholder cares about.

Stay on Top of Next Steps & Follow-Ups

Chorus’ advanced AI-based technology automatically identifies the next steps you discussed and reminds you to follow up with email summaries. That way, you can nail your follow-up as soon as you hang up your call.

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All Your Deal Interactions in One Spot

Save time prepping for customer meetings, deal reviews, and 1-1s. Momentum in Chorus is your source of truth for all prospect and customer conversations, including calls and email exchanges. Quickly drill down to the interactions you want to see most with contextual filters.

Rally the Team to Win More

@Mention internal stakeholders during your calls and they will automatically get notified that you need their support, or comment after the call to make sure you've got the right team to push your deal over the finish line. You won't miss a beat and neither will they.

Get Valuable Coaching

Request feedback on specific calls from your manager. Chorus will automatically recommend top scoring calls from your peers on similar topics so you can learn from the best.

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Benchmark Your Performance

Keep track of your performance by reviewing key conversation metrics such as talk-to-listen ratios or filler words to improve over time. Listen to calls from your most successful peers to emulate what works for them.

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Collaborate with Internal or External Stakeholders

Share full call recordings or snippets of key moments to collaborate with others, seek feedback, or share important takeaways with your prospects.

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Quarterback Your Deals from Anywhere

Use your travel time to prepare for a meeting by listening to past calls. Seek and provide feedback on calls or collaborate with others through comments, all with Chorus Mobile.

The State of Conversation Intelligence Sales Benchmarks Q4 2020

We analyzed over 35M sales calls in Chorus to bring Revenue Leaders like you the data behind the conversations. Explore trends that drive top sales teams.

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