Salesforce Integration

Enrich Your CRM With Complete & Unbiased Data

Power your CRM with complete relationship intelligence

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A Complete Summary of Your Conversations

Themes from your customer meetings and calls are automatically captured, analyzed, and added to your Opportunities. Track if customer conversations included pricing, competitors, products, or anything else important for you to measure.

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Automatically Capture Meeting Notes

As soon as the meeting is over, Chorus auto-creates a Task in the Opportunity with detailed notes on attendees, next steps, competitors mentioned, and a link to the recording. Reps focus on writing amazing follow-ups rather than filling out operational details in Salesforce. Get actionable insights from your CRM to ensure your data is consistent across the team.

Chorus Momentum Relationships

Access the Full Relationship Context

Get unparalleled visibility into deals and understand the full deal & relationship context. Access all customer interactions, conversation insights such as key topics discussed or deal risks directly from your Salesforce instance for faster status updates.

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Better Data, More Powerful Dashboards

Use automatically captured conversation data to power your reports in Salesforce so you can spend your time analyzing what works instead of collecting the data.

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