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From Surprise Success to Expected Results

Understand what a good cold call looks like and replicate it across your team.

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Improve Connect Rates & Meeting Qualifications

Chorus' industry-first Cold Call Central is specially built for SDR Teams. Our AI automatically identifies if your SDRs connected with the prospect, encountered a phone tree or gatekeeper, or left a voicemail. Now, you have new levers to pull to optimize your strategy.

Book More Meetings with the Right Message

Identify the talk tracks that work with prospects. Make sure all team members use the best message in every cold call, and eliminate the chances of going off-track by demonstrating what top SDRs say to book more meetings.

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Create the Best AE Handoff Process Ever

Let Chorus take notes for you while your SDRs focus on the few minutes they have with the prospect. Automatically identified next steps make it easy for your SDRs to write follow-up emails or let the AEs hear what the prospect said in their own words.

Get Your Qualification Process Right

Know if your reps are asking the right questions and guide those who are not. Ensure your team only sets high-quality appointments that convert into deals and revenue.

Surface Objections & Customer Pains Points Internally

Easily collaborate with your Sales Enablement, Product, or Marketing teams by surfacing key insights from your calls such as a new objection, competitor, or feature request. Simply tag your teammate so they can listen first-hand.

The State of Conversation Intelligence Sales Benchmarks Q4 2020

We analyzed over 35M sales calls in Chorus to bring Revenue Leaders like you the data behind the conversations. Explore trends that drive top sales teams.

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