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We did it! We made it to the end of 2020. And there is a lot to celebrate!

Our team at Chorus has put together some inspiration to help you congratulate and welcome all who got you here and build upon your success for the coming year.

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Virtual SKO Ebook

A unified sales organization is an effective sales organization. It takes a lot to make that unity a reality, however, especially when teams are working remote.

Read on to learn how leaders like you are preparing for their virtual SKOs.

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A Complete SKO Checklist

Here's a quick hit-list to throw your best SKO yet:

  • Use Theming and Storytelling to Align Sales Goals
  • Make Data Central to SKO Planning
  • Motivate Your Team for the Year Ahead
  • ...and many more!

Download the Checklist to make sure you have everything you need to throw a stellar Sales Kickoff event.

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Toast to Your 2020 Stars with Chorus

We are passionate about celebrating the incredible people on the frontlines, especially the ones who make revenue orgs shine.

The 2020 Chorus Awards are a simple way you can show appreciation for the great work your team has done this year.

Chorus can help you roll out the red carpet for "The Coach of the Year” or “The Relationship Guru” and others!

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Custom Zoom Backgrounds to Celebrate Your Stars

Download these custom Zoom backgrounds to celebrate your stars and their accomplishments!

These easy to use Zoom backgrounds will highlight the award winners for days to come. Simply share the background with the winners of the awards beforehand of the SKO or All-Hands and encourage them to proudly showcase their great achievements!