Real-Time Intelligence

Bring real-time relationship intelligence into every Zoom meeting, so you can bring your best to every interaction.

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Next Level Meeting Prep

Meeting prep has never been easier for reps and executives. Access critical information such as deal velocity, next steps or discussion topics from prior calls, and deal context like stage, key stakeholders or deal amount all within your Zoom client.

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Real-Time Conversation Insights

Host more productive & successful meetings with access to Chorus trackers on key topics discussed in past meetings such as legal, budget or competitors. Ask relevant, engaging questions with real-time access to each participant's talk time.

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Seamlessly Engage Colleagues

Bring in colleagues to keep your deals moving or share direct voice of the customer insights with cross-functional teams in real-time.

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Note Taking & Follow-Ups Made Easy

Take notes, tag a co-worker or update your Salesforce instance with the latest budget or stakeholder information all within the Chorus App for Zoom Meetings. Your meeting efficiency will skyrocket and follow-ups couldn't get any easier.