Zoom Integration

Seamless Call Recording

Chorus and Zoom deliver an unmatched experience for compliant call recording.

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Chorus + Zoom: The Best and Most Compliant Meeting Solution

With the Chorus-Zoom integration, two best-of-breed technologies have now come together to deliver the smoothest and the most auto-compliant call recording experience in the market.

Seamless Recording, Better Customer Experience

The “Zoom Recording” and the “Chorus Notetaker” are now one. Rather than a silent recording bot, your attendees will only see a visual recording cue at the top of the screen.

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Real-time Recording & Transcription

Chorus records, transcribes, and classifies Zoom calls in real time and all conversation intelligence is available in Chorus as soon as your call ends.

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Zoom screenshare DESKTOP 2x png 1

Highest Quality Video and Screenshare Analytics

The Zoom-Chorus integration provides HD quality video recording, so you get crystal-clear clarity on what was shared in the meeting. Chorus' cutting-edge AI helps you identify how slides and screen shares impact sales results.

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Zoom Phone Integration

The Zoom Phone dialer also seamlessly integrates with Chorus so you can capture and analyze both inbound and outbound calls, providing you with unprecedented levels of visibility into your customer interactions.

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